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Writing Post in another page? (not in the front page)

  1. I have just a beginner in using wordpress, I don't know how to put my post in another page, not directly in the front page (home) because it is different category and I want to put the post in different page. How ya? thanks.

  2. I'm sorry but I do not understand you perhaps another blogger can. There are differences between posts and pages

  3. I mean like this...
    I have two pages in my blog, then, I want to write all my posts to be displayed in the second page, but, I dont know how, because all my posts always display in the front page ( the first page),
    can u help me?

  4. I have read it, but still confuse,
    the front page I want to post about one topic (for example: about Love), so the posts
    will be related to "Love".
    then, the second page, will be another topic (for example: Poems), so I want to post many poems in that page.
    but, I cant choose the place for my posts to be displayed, it will be directly displayed in the frontpage, and the second page only have one post (can't have continuous posts)

  5. What you can do is have a static frontpage [pages have one post on them] and then a standard posts page which is your blog.

    You can have as many pages as you want [I think], but only one page with many posts.

    Hope that helps.

  6. You can have one page with all your posts on a particular topic IF you tag your posts. Then all someone needs to do to see all your "Love" posts is click on the category in your sidebar and the page generates automatically. This is just how blogs work.

  7. @ carocat
    please see my example of blog that represent what I mean yaaaaaa...
    @ raincoaster
    I understand what u mean, but I want to make the categories for one page are related to one topic, and
    may be what I mean is how to make the blog looks like this blog:

    that blog has many pages and many posts for each of the page.
    any suggestion? thanks before ya.

  8. Yes, just the way I explained it. Let me show you how it works using my blog as an example:

    Here's the blog:

    Now, you'll see the Categories in the sidebar. You have that widget too, you can just put it at the top of the sidebar to feature it more prominently and call it something else like Special Topics. Then you click on one of the tags in that widget, say "Cthulhu" and it takes you to the page with all the posts about Cthulhu on it:

    There is no way to get them on the top of the blog like one in your example unless you get the CSS upgrade. If you do that, it should work provided you know how to do CSS. The main part of your blog will ALWAYS be a mix of all the topics: that is how blogs work. If you want more separation, you'll have to have more than one blog: one for each topic.

  9. songforyou: you cannot separate your posts to put them in different pages. pages are posts that does not follow the chronological system blogs usually are. see the link at timethief's reply to understand this better.

    as raincoaster say, though, when your posts are all together in the home page, you still can see them separately when you click the link poem or love in your categories widget at the sidebar.

    are you from indonesia? maybe you can ask help from here

  10. (1) A blog is not a website. A blog has only one page that will automatically update with your new posts.
    (2) You can create other pages for information that does not change but these pages will not automatically update.
    (3) Also these other pages sit outside the structure of the blog and cannot have categories assigned to them.
    (4) So if you create other pages you will have to manually add all new information to them by editing them each time you want to add something new.

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