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    I am loving the writing prompts that are on the page that comes up after you publish a post. But I would really love to also see these prompts on the dashboard.

    The blog I need help with is blatherskiteblog.com.



    I am not sure what you are referring to. A short while ago when dashboard changes were made after I published a post I got a page asking me a bunch of questions including whether or not I wished to use publicize and the like. I found it to be extremely annoying. I no longer have it and I’m not clear if it was being tested by Staff who removed it or if I found a way to disable it.



    Here is a screenshot of the screen that comes up immediately after I publish a post:

    It shows up for all of my blogs. It doesn’t bother me at all.

    Again, I love the writing prompts but I would like it if the writing prompts were on the Dashboard. It’s the first page I open when I open my blog and it would be nice to have a little nudge right there in my dashboard, easily accessible.

    Just a suggestion.




    Hello again,
    I believe this maybe a planned to appear on our dashboards, provided we don’t disable it as I have done. I believe what you have posted the screen shot of will only appear only if you activate “fun mode” here > Profile > Personal Settings > Personal Options



    I’ve never seen it. After I post, all I see is the post itself, in edit mode this time, and I can click a link to view the post.

    I’ve never used “fun mode” — sounded distracting to me when I first saw it.


    I love the writing prompts also and am unable to locate them.



    timethief? I have this message on only one blog out of four, the one I activated most recently. But the Fun Mode box is unchecked, so that’s not what activates it.
    The Congrats I don ‘t mind at all, I just wanted to report it.


    That screen with the writing prompts has been appearing every time I publish a new post, for the past couple of weeks or so and I do not have ‘fun mode’ turned on. I find it really annoying because the edit page vanishes. If I want to edit further (which I sometimes do if I’ve forgotten to add categories or the excerpt or something, for instance, I have to then click the ‘edit’ tag. And seeing a different screen drives me potty.

    But for those who like prompts, it would certainly make more sense to have them on the dashboard, possibly on the Post Editor page in a module that could be closed if one wants.



    Absurdoldbird, putting it that way, I can see how it would be really annoying. And now that I think about it, it does kind of annoy me that the prompts show up after I’ve already posted. They make way more sense on the dashboard where I can see them before I write something.



    I’m not fond of that new page popping up after I post, either. I always just click away from it — often back to the edit window or to the view post. (It seems there are more features being added that we can’t choose to avoid — like the large, colored box with the instructions on how to connect to Facebook, which I don’t want to do, but there’s no way to dismiss the box so I don’t see it every time I go to post something.)


    @ blatherskite… I suspect the prompts are there on the page after publishing so that you want to publish a new post again straight after! I can’t think of another reason anyway…

    @ mmadfan…. where or when do you see the large colored box with the instructions on how to connect to Facebook? I don’t recall seeing that. (Or maybe I just blanked it out, given my dislike of it.)



    I love this ‘fun mode’. It inspires me to write more post. I’m counting from 84th and I made 93rd post today. Atleast, my dashboard is encouraging me to blog more. It’s better than those one line notices: “Post Published. View Post.”



    @absurdoldbird: I see it where it used to simply have one line to click if I wanted to publicize to/connect to Facebook. It’s just above the post/update button, and it’s large:

    To enable Publicize: Facebook, you will need to authorize your WordPress.com account on MMADfan’s Blog & Fanfic Site to connect with your Facebook account.

    Clicking the link below will take you to Facebook where you will need to log in and click “allow” several times.

    Authorize connection with Facebook

    I tried going into “edit” next to the publicize with Facebook option, but there’s no way to turn off the big thing telling me to authorize FB & connect, etc. None that I could see, anyway. :-(

    I wish that the writing prompts page was only visible if you selected “fun mode,” but I can deal with having to click the “edit” button to get back to the other screen.


    @ mmadfan, I don’t have that at all, but then I don’t have the publicize buttons turned on. Maybe you can disable it via your ‘my blogs’ setting? Have a look at this which has info about the settings and where they live:



    The point is, I don’t have publicize turned on. Not for FB and not for any of the others. (Yes, I know where to find them in the “sharing” section — I direct people, too, and it’s in the same place where you add the sharing buttons to your post.) And when I click the “edit” on the posting page to see if the check mark is somehow checked there (despite not having the sharing settings turned on), it isn’t. But wp.com for some reason thinks that I do want to turn on FB publicize and wants to lead me through it.

    It only recently popped up in the last week or two & it isn’t going away. I keep thinking that maybe I should just authorize FB, then disconnect it, but that’s a pain to do if it’s not going to go away afterwards.



    Just for the heck of it, I went over to the sharing, and somehow it said I was “connected” to facebook — I never did this intentionally, and I don’t know how it could be connected if I hadn’t authorized it the way it has to be. There are a number of steps to go through, I remember. (I briefly tried it a couple years ago, but then disconnected it and stopped using it because it was posting posts to FB even when I hadn’t chosen to publicize that particular post to FB — also, I prefer sharing to a specific group, not my profile, when I do share something, so I do that through the sharing button on the post itself.)

    I suppose that when I was on the page for some other reason, there was a stray click, but I’d think I would have had to have done something more than just a stray click. Thank goodness the ugly box is gone!

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