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Writing short films

  1. Hello, i just got back into blogging and decided to start with something on writing short films since there's certainly not much into that subject to study. It's focused in the reading, so the template is among the most simple as possible. There is only a few posts, some quite long, hope you enjoy.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Today's post:

    Allowing the story to talk.

    "You can’t force the story to become the short film that you want, sometimes it fits better someplace else, what if it would be a great ad campaign? A documentary? Perhaps even a feature film? Your concept is a grenade and your job now is to see where those shrapnels could go."

  3. Today's post:

    Short Formats: Advertising/Promo

    "Where the big bucks are. Somehow, every 30-sec ad you watch on TV is a short film. Some of them have a narrative, others are purely visual concept, both grow from the same idea tree and i couldn’t discard the possibility that perhaps you found an awesome way to sell Heinekens."

  4. Short Films: Narrative Film

    "This is the moment of truth: does your idea fit into a narrative short film? If you have simply ignored that your concept might be a better music video or interactive film than a classical short story until now, you must remember that the story gonna pick its format."

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