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writing/editing posts problem

  1. I've lost "visual" option to write/edit my posts. There used to be two tabs, one for visual, and one for code, but it now goes directly to the code view, with no option to switch. I haven't been able to find this topic anywhere in the forums. How do I get it back? Thanks.


    Just for reference, I found it by searching for Visual and code. :)


  3. Sorry and thanks. I should have found that. That did the trick. These forums are a great resource. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to help us newbies.

  4. Not a problem. :) I just mentioned that to show how I found it and wanted to show how since you mentioned that you had searched but didn't mention what keywords you had used. Librarian training coming back. :)

  5. I did an un-librianlike thing and didn't even try using the search box. Instead I just wandered through pages of appropriate-looking topics, hoping to stumble across it. I found lots of other useful info though, and I'll know better in the future. :)

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