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Writting comments

  1. Hi,
    I like to allow anybody to put the comment on my weblog.
    As of now, If somebody like to put the comments, they have to login firstly..
    so, Is there any way to allow anyone to write the comment in my weblog?

    Michael Sync

  2. go to options, select discussion, edit from thr

  3. How come html is not allowed in comments?

  4. Patriot - think about it. If we're not allowed Javascript, why would we be allowed HTML?

  5. HTML is allowed. Depends on which tag you're using:

    First comment is with strong tags. Second is normal.

  6. Thank ya

  7. And if links weren't allowed, how come we get all that spam? :) (63 in 2 days here on the test blog)

  8. According to the FAQ the allowed HTML for <b>posts</b> are:

    address, a, abbr, acronym, b, big, blockquote, br, caption, cite, code, col, del, dd, div, dl, dt, em, font, h1…h6, i, img, ins, kbd, li, p, pre, q, s, strike, strong, sub, sup, table, tbody, td, tfoot, tr, tt, ul, ol, var.

    But it doesn't say anything about comments; it should be cleared up what HTML is allowed or isn't allowed on comments

  9. I don't think color html works on comments.

  10. What about Meta redirect? No? That's just html! It's not Javascript!


  11. 63 spam! and I was concerned that I was getting average of two a day until recently. Now I'm getting average one a day. Have to applaud that Akismet. The spam is a massive page of links. Someonen's been very busy.

  12. Agreed. Spam reduction lately has been awesome. I was getting five or six a day until recently. Now it's one or two. And it's clear the spammers are getting more desperate. The only half-clever thing I've seen is redirecting from a respectable-looking URL, but Akismet will catch on to those URLs pretty quick. Meantime, I'm checking all my comments (not that there are a snotload anyway).

  13. *chuckle* Consider you folks lucky. About 2.1 million blocked connections at the firewall yesterday on my boxes. That's up from an average of just under a million at the beginning of the year.

    Still, 220k blogs here x 5 spam comments a day isn't that little of an amount.

  14. I have a grand total of 60 spam comments, with only 24 real comments. It once captured 11 or so spam comment in one grand swop.

  15. 83 this morning in under 12 hours.

    That's the down side to that PR6 I have I guess. :)

  16. [quote]go to options, select discussion, edit from thr[/quote]
    I have done that..

    but it's still showing as below..

    [b]Leave a Reply
    You must be logged in to post a comment.[/b]

  17. The way I see it you have two choices. The first is to wait for drmike to volunteer to do a shift on the forum tomorrow while simultaneously seeing to the needs of his own clients. The secod is to send in a feedback to sysadmin.

  18. Thank you. timethief. I have sent a feedback to SysAdmin.

  19. Even thought I have sent a feedback for allowing anyone to write a comment, i got no reply.
    I really like to allow anyone to write a comment in my blog. I think there is no point everybody to have login id of wordpress to write a comment.

    Is this the limitation of wordpress?

  20. Yeah.. Sorry.. guys..
    I got it..
    There is one checkedbox "Membership: Users must be registered and logged in to comment" in Options>General.
    Just unchecked this checkedbox..

    Thank you.. everybody..

  21. I am pretty sure my question is answered somewhere in this forum, but I can't find the post(s) that deal with my specific question.
    I have found that I can go to the posters must be members area in Tools>Options, but when there I try out what happens when I check the box and what I get when I try to comment is the same login screen I use to gain administrator priveleges. I don't want all posters to get those priveleges. How can I ask for registration to be able to post without giving away the keys to the store?

  22. That's the correct screen. There's only one login page.

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