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Wrong address deleted

  1. littleflowerbigvoice

    Hi, I had created a blog called but i wanted it deleted so i could create a new one called littleflowerbigvoice
    My username was changed to littleflowerbigvoice but now when i try to access it, under My Sites it says I don't have any and if I try to go to it says author deleted it. But i never deleted that one. Please help! TIA

  2. is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this site. is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this site.

    I'm afraid both those addresses are gone. Your only option is to register another, different URL.

    In future, remember that you can have as many free addresses as you want, so you don't have to delete one blog in order to create another. If you don't want to use a particular address anymore, simply set it to private. That way it will still exist if you later decide to go back to it.

  3. littleflowerbigvoice

    This can not be! I only went through the delete process ONCE so how are 2 addresses deleted?! That name was perfect for me, I can't think of another one that fits as well. There has to be something that can be done if I wasn't even the one to delete it!

  4. Are you the only admin of those blogs? Then you did delete it; the "change a URL" process deletes the old blog URL forever too.

    You can always register a URL and get the custom domain and mapping for $18 a year to get instead.

  5. Someone else reported the same exact thing happened to him today. I flagged both threads for staff to take a look, because there is some weirdness going on. I stand by the above advice, though. It's better to have a custom domain; it's literally the only upgrade I always recommend, and it is always worth it.

  6. littleflowerbigvoice

    raincoaster - thanks so much! unless i totally didn't understand what i was doing, i really don't think i did it (and yes I'm the only admin). I created mommyinsightandinfo first, never used it, then decided to change the name but i didn't want that "to be out there" so i deleted it first. Once it was deleted, I created the new site and changed anything that was left (my username for example ) to littleflowerbigvoice. I remember going through the process and it saying once deleted it can not be undone, but all the info on the screen was solely about mommyinsight. Who knows...

    Can you expand a bit on why you think it's worth getting a custom domain? just curious. thanks!

  7. I was the first person on to get a custom domain. I recommend it because MOST people will remember the unique part of your domain, but they won't remember the .wordpress. part, so they type in and unless you own that domain, they can't find your blog. They don't ever remember it's It also makes you look more big-time, fits on business cards and email signatures more easily, and many services require you to have a custom domain because they don't consider you a "real" blog unless you have one.

    For the price of a single movie ticket, it's very worth it.

  8. Hi there!

    There's a bug with our system when you change your username and create a blog to match. If you had deleted the blog that matched your previous username, the new site also gets deleted. :/ (raincoaster & kokkieh - you may want to take note of this for next time)

    I'll follow up with you via email about this.

  9. @shawnajroberts
    That's a nasty bug. I'll warn people wanting to do an address change not to delete the old blogs (I usually advise against it anyway). Hope it gets fixed soon.

  10. Its an unfortunate, but rare one, so its not a top priority. If you think someone has had this issue, just tag it for staff and we can take care of it. :)

  11. That's horrible. And yes, someone else had this issue yesterday.

  12. raincoster--could you point us to the thread where this happened yesterday as well? It's useful for us to document every case. Thanks.

  13. Thanks, justjennifer.

  14. Yes, that's it. Thanks, Jennifer.

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