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    I tried to add wordpress.com stats to my hosted blog and used the API key from my existing wordpress.com account. The wordpress.org installation said the API key belonged to my username on wordpress.com which is different from my username on my hosted blog. Since the user name cannot be changed (from what I gather), I created a new account on wordpress.com using the same username as my hosted blog. I received a new API key in email, but when I click on the “enter the correct API key” link, nothing happens.

    I went through what I could find about changing the API key but it was unclear, stating that “if someone else set up the API on your system, you will have to ask them to go through these steps…”

    Why can’t I just update the API key using the link? I’ve tried Google Chrome and IE8.


    The blog I need help with is richardpnixon.wordpress.com.



    Small update – I found the user I was trying to add. He was listed as “subscriber” – I’ve since changed this to administrator. So now I have the same user on both sites and he is the “owner” of the API I entered. However, the link still does nothing.



    Huh??? The error seems to have gone away on its own??? Now I’m getting a “Take ‘er easy, dude” message. Is this normal behavior, or did some kind person fix my issue for me? Either way, thanks!



    I have the same problem on my personal WordPress hosted site! It’s asking me if I want o connect it to my WordPress.org blog. Askimet is working but I’m trying to get the WordPress Stats to work.



    I found this fix to the issue! I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I followed the instructions and got my stats back.


    Also found this:
    but the first tutorial was easier for me to understand. Hope that helps!

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