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Wrong Avatar

  1. I changed my avatar a week or two ago. On most blogs when I comment the old one shows, but once in awhile the new one does. I preferred it when it didn't figure out who I am (how does it know? email address? I changed that, too) and preferred when it assigned just whatever generic avatar. Anyone know how to make either the new one show up, or better yet, not connect me to any but the generic ones enabled by blog owner?

  2. The link in your name is a Blogspot blog. Please provide the link to you blog.

  3. your*

  4. I do not have a WP blog, just comment on them. :) I figured out it has to do with changing my gravatar? What the heck is a gravatar? It's changed now, but I don't get it.

  5. This is the support forum for wordpress.COM. If you have a problem with gravatars, you need to head over there.

  6. I uploaded an avatar on yesterday. Today it's showing up as a gravatar. How did that happen? The photo needs to be changed, but when I click the "change my gravatar" photo on wordpress, it just clicks away but doesn't take me anywhere. I just want an avatar - can i get rid of the gravatar?

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