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    Can anyone tell me why the wrong date appears on some of my posts on http://oneminutebookreviews.wordpress.com? A post I just put up today (Sept. 14) has the Sept. 12 date on it. I’ve had my blog for several years, and this hasn’t happened before. But in the past few months, it’s happened repeatedly (though not every time I post). I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to fix it. Thanks. Jan

    The blog I need help with is oneminutebookreviews.wordpress.com.


    First, go to settings > general and make sure your timezone is set correctly.




    Everything looks to be working properly on your site and we’re not aware of any problems with post publishes right now.

    Did you save the post as a draft at any point?



    I am having the same problem and it keeps reposting the same post, then back dating new posts with old dates.
    Any help would be great!



    I’m having a problem as well. I just posted something at 12:25pm Fri September 24, 2010 and my post says, ” September 24, 2010 at 7:24 pm”. I looked for the Settings>General Settings but I guess I’m blind because I don’t see that off my dashboard or My Account options menus.


    I knew I was blind – sorry… I found it and it was the timezone. Thanks!!

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