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    When I comment on other wordpress blogs, my nickname is linked to the wrong url. It is a url I’ve deleted. I updated my ‘primary blog’ in my profile to the correct address. However, when I comment on a blog, my nickname is linked to a page that says, “This blog has been deleted.” How do I fix that?


    You have to go into users > my profile and change the URL in the “website” field and then click update profile.


    I tried this, but it still didn’t fix my problem. Any other ideas out there?


    This is what is linked to your username: http://onetimeonsesamestreet.com/ .

    One thing to remember is that you have to be logged in for wordpress to automatically link your name to your blog and it will only do it on blogs hosted here at wordpress.com. The other thing is that changing it now will not change the link in previous comments you have made.

    There are two types of wordpress blogs. Those hosted here at wordpress.com and those self-hosted using the software downloaded from wordpress.org. On the self-hosted blogs, your username will not be automatically linked to your blog. There is no connection that way between wordpress.com and wordpress.org blogs.

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