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Wrong notifications!

  1. Hi,

    I have got my one blog with the possibility tot comment with a nickname. Since a few days I don´t get any comments with nicknames but as follows: "[email redacted]"
    What´s the problem and can somebody help me please to get my notifications with nicknames back!?
    Blog url:

  2. Hey there!

    Last week, we fixed a bug that caused some comment notification emails to have a generic sender name. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused; the good news is everything is functioning properly again! :)

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


  3. Hi pcrumm

    I´m sorry to say so, but I still get general notifications, named "[email redacted]" instead of the nicknames from the commenters on my blog.

    Please, can you look into it again!!??

    Kind regards,

    E.J. Bron

  4. Hey there E.J.,

    This issue is still present for some administrator notification emails. We're aware of the issue; things should return to proper soon.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further help.


  5. Hi pcrumm

    Thank you for reacting so quickly. I can´t wait that things return to proper soon!

    Best regards,

    E.J. Bron

  6. Hi pcrumm

    Things still didn´t return to proper. It already lastst 3 weeks now.
    I still get the same notifications from all of my commenters: "[email redacted]" in stead of notifications with their nicknames!

    I hope the problem will be solves very soon now!

    E.J. Bron (

  7. Hi pcrumm

    Untill now I didn´t hear from you. I still have the same problem on my website with this wrong administrator notification mails "[email redacted]".
    I think it is about time now to fix this problem once and for all!

    Best regards,

    E.J. Bron (

  8. They actually should be coming from comment-reply@ now, as this facilitates replying to comments via email.

    Do you mean that your email application is not properly displaying the name?

  9. Hi macmanx,

    Yes, all the comments commenters make on my blog have got the same name, in stead of their nick names. This lastst already one month and for me as the administrator it is impossible to see who is reacting, because all the notifications have the same name: "[email redacted]". I have to open every comment seperately to see who is commenting.

    Kind regards,

    E.J. Bron

  10. Are you using Thunderbird as your email client? If so, some of our users ran into a bug with Thunderbird where it was just applying the name from the first-received email from comment-reply@ to all emails from comment-reply@.

  11. No, I use gmail

  12. Hm, that should be displaying the names. Are you sure these are comments and no pingbacks or reblogs?

  13. Very sure!

    All my mails come in normally, only the comments on my blog don´t

  14. Hm, that is very odd. By any chance, have you added the comment-reply@ address to your Contacts?

  15. No, I didn´t!!!

  16. So when can I expect a final solution of this very irritating problem Macmanx?

    Kind regards,

    E.J. Bron

  17. We're looking into this, but I can't say when we'll have a solution.

  18. Thank you very much!! I hope for the best! :)

  19. @macmanx

    Tip: The wrong notifications only appear in my gmail-inbox. In the section "statistics" > "reactions" the comments appear as they should, nickname + mailadress and comment

  20. Yeah, I think it's fetching the name from previous emails (before the names disappeared). We're working on this now.

  21. Thanks!

  22. @macmanx

    I´m very sorry, but untill now nothing has changed!! :(

  23. @macmanx

    Are you still working on this problem, because it is not solved. And it becomes very irritating now on my blog.
    I hope you will fix it soon now!

    E.J. Bron

  24. Yes, we're still working on this.

    Sorry for the delay!

  25. Ah, thank God!

  26. Hi macmanx

    I don´t want to be rude, but the problem on my website is still not solved!!!

    E.J. Bron

  27. Sorry, we're still working on this.

  28. Hi macmanx

    I see a change in my inbox on Gmail: "[email redacted]" has gone, but now all the comments come in under my one name: "E.J. Bron".
    But still no comment comes into my inbox with the commenters nickname!!


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