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    Every day I post a new blog. In the admin site, they are in the right order (by date). But when I look on my blog, the first 5 blogs are in the right order, but 1 post is always one the 6th place, despite the fact the postdate is much older.
    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance, Silvia

    The blog I need help with is silviaphilippi.wordpress.com.


    We can’t help without a link to the blog in question: the one linked to your username is deleted.



    That is strange! I will change that.
    My blog is silviaphilippi.wordpress.com.


    All the posts with the blue line under them are set to sticky posts. You need to unstick all of them. You can do this using the bulk edit feature at posts > all posts.



    Thanks very much! It looks ok now!



    You are welcome.

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