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Wrong RSS Feed!

  1. I just created a new Blog on When someone tries to subscribe to it by using it e-mails the information for someone else's blog. I verified they are using my correct blog URL.

  2. You may want to send that thru Feedback

  3. Sounds more like a BotaBlog issue to me. You might want to contact them instead.

    Good luck,

  4. I of course contacted Bot a Blog and they have yet to respond in 4 days. That's the kind of customer service you get when you use a free service.

    My blog is When you enter it in to the confirmation and update notifications come across as

    "Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes ~ OLDaily RSS 0.91"

    How dissapointing.

  5. Feedback sent to with a pointer to this thread along with my email address. Maybe I can get ahold of someone.

    Your feed from your blog looks fine by the way.

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