Wrong stats and other bugs today?

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    My stats are wrong and my likes come by mail but not to the blog account or page
    I’ve reset my browser and more.

    The blog I need help with is dlofr.wordpress.com.



    No need to go by the blog BTW, it won’t show much. My stats are wrong again, showing 7 visits and five flags. It is the fourth time that discrepancy has shown and my all time views if I count the flags numbers shop 5 less visits than the general hits counter. I’ve written twice on my blog already about my Alien Readership (he he ) after being told to do so by support but would like an answer eventually?
    Today, in addition, my e-mail signaled alike by a regular reader of mine on today’s post and neither the user interface for me as admin nor the notification panel nor the blog page shows it? And yes, I’ve clean reinitialized both access to WP and browser. So good people, what gives?

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