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Wrong Text Appearance with Post by E-Mail

  1. I try to use the post by e-mail feature. Unfortunately I found the problem of the wrong appearance of text. Please try to check me what is going on with Thai Language. The following link is the post by e-mail with strange charaacters while the right one (after modification) should appear like this Do I need to change anything in order to send e-mail with the right appearance?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Something seems to have gone wrong - neither of those links worked for me. Could you resend?


  3. Hi Zandyring,
    Thank you for your query. For the missing link, actually it was my intention to remove it because I already fixed the problem myself by just changing the encoding from my outlook software to be UTF-8 and then after that I can post via the e-mail with right appearance.
    Anyway, right now I am wondering if WordPress support to add the comment into the existing post via the e-mail. If so, how to do that?

  4. Hi there,

    On this support page, we do include the following:

    You may need to switch your client into rich text or formatted mode.

    Do you feel that this is sufficient explanation for other users who may see a similar problem?

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