Wrong Theme (Sandbox) Displays, and Slow Server

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    I recently created a blog, using the shocking Blue Green theme.

    I have two major problems. About 30% of the time the page just doesn’t load–and I have a very fast cable connection.

    Then, something very odd. Sometimes the page loads with the Sandbox theme. What’s that about? If I refresh the page, and it doesn’t time out, the correct theme comes up.

    I’ve purchased the CSS modification upgrade and changed the color of the Green header, but other than that, I haven’t modified the them.

    A. How can I get the page to display reliably?

    B. Why does the blog sometimes display Sandbox? That seems really odd.

    Paul M



    Are you still having this problem???

    your probably having a bad connection to wordpress.com… most likely from your ISP having bad routes or possibly their DNS server being down.

    As far as the theme changing, most likely it is the correct theme showing up with no stylesheet loaded (again this would fit the DNS problem explination)

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