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Wrong thumbnail appearing in facebook post

  1. 2 weeks ago we deleted this image from the media gallery but every time we post our page it comes up as an old and ugly image.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. our blog domain is
    i've tried so many things and it doesn't seem like anything is working! please help!

  3. That's Facebook problem. Let facebook clear cache of your blog's pages-- Check your page with the Lint tool
    The tool will refresh the Facebook cache of that page's image.

  4. This didn't work - if you can offer any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help

  5. It takes 24 hours or more.
    PS: As I already said, it's a facebook problem and I'm not able to answer the issue related to what facebook troubled you. Please Contact facebook.

  6. thanks so much for your help!

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