Wrong thumbnail displaying on Facebook

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    When I share on Facebook, my the one and only thumbnail available to show is the wrong picture. In fact, it’s a picture that I don’t have in the post, have deleted from WordPress, and even put in the Recycle Bin on my computer. I have tried clearing the cache from the past day, in which I’ve been working on this post. This is super annoying and I don’t want that picture in any way on the internet! How can I remove it?
    Blog url: http://thisisstilllife.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is thisisstilllife.wordpress.com.



    Also, it seems no thumbnails are available to show for some past posts that I would like to share on Facebook, though those posts do contain pictures.



    We have no control over which images Facebook chooses to display and we have no control over how long it takes for the image caches at Facebook to be flushed. They make changes frequently and every time they do we get these kind of questions. I’m sorry I cannot help you. Does this help?

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