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    I just renewed my P Value Bundle but the URL that was automatically included isn’t the one I wanted. How can this get fixed?

    The blog I need help with is glasshalffool.com.


    You need to start by telling Staff which is the correct URL.
    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    ghfool.com is registered through Network Solutions (by me) and glasshalffool.com is registered through GoDaddy (by WP). When I went to renew my Value Bundle today the address that it included was ghfool.com. I don’t know how this happened but I don’t need ghfool.com registered twice. I need glasshalffool,com to be the url included in my renewal. WP is trying charge my $80 add’l to do this. That’s ridiculous. Please help. Thanks!



    Hi there!

    You registered the domain glasshalffool.com in February 2012 and bought the Value Bundle in May 2012. Since you used the free domain bundle credit to map the domain ghfool.com, that was the domain that was tied to the bundle renewal.

    Since the glasshalffool.com domain has been expired more than 18 days, the domain registrar applies a $80 late fee to recover the domain. This fee is set by the registrar, not WordPress.com and we’re unable to waive it.

    Domain expiration is a complicated process that can take up to 80 days to complete. During that time, you will not have any control or use over the domain and someone else will be able to purchase your domain at an expired domain auction. Here’s more information regarding domain expiration that explains this entire process:

    Please process the renewal of your glasshalffool.com domain and let us know in this thread when you’ve completed the transaction and I will be happy to switch the free domain credit to this domain so it will be renewed with the bundle next year.

    Let me know if you have any questions!



    I cannot afford that $80 right now so please apply the credit today and renew glasshalffool.com. I cannot lose this url and it’s the Customer Service person’s fault for setting up my account this way a year ago. Why on earth would I want a url included as my “free” url when I already have it registered with another provider? When I purchased the bundle last year the glasshalffool.com url was supposed to be the primary url tied to my account and therefore to the bundle. Please fix it asap. Thanks!



    I would be happy to make this switch for you, but the credit would only apply to the domain registration and not the late fee. In addition, the free domain credit cannot be used to recover an expired domain.

    As I stated earlier, the $80 fee is imposed by the domain registrar and WordPress.com has no control over whether or not this fee is applied.

    When you purchased the value bundle and applied the free domain registration/mapping credit, that was all done via your site’s dashboard and does not require any intervention from WordPress.com staff. If you have a forum thread or ticket number from someone on our staff that had promised otherwise, please provide me with that information and I would be happy to look into this for you further.



    I did purchase the value pack last year with assistance from one of your CSRs. And now their incompetence is costing me an additional $80. And now your customer service is once again demonstrating it’s ineptitude. Please explain the process for transferring my entire blog to Google? And refunding my $99 payment from yesterday. Thanks!



    I did purchase the value pack last year with assistance from one of your CSRs.

    Again, if you could provide me with a ticket number (which you would have in the subject line of any email correspondence from us) or a link to the post where this was promised, I will be happy to help sort this out for you.

    If you still want to move your site, let me know and I’ll be happy to refund your $99 Value Bundle renewal. You can move your content following this guide:

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