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Wrong username, and also cannot drop widget(s)

  1. I think it is clear that I am logged in since I am posting here. Yet, I could not post on FAQs where it repeated the frustrating error message, "wrong username" (when I logged in with my username, biozhena). This was after I wanted to leave a comment on another WordPress blog - as I did several times yesterday on other WordPress blogs without this wrong-username problem.
    I did see the comment on the FAQ forum about clearing up the cookies, but I am concerned about doing so lest I lose access to my blog. (Paranoid?) I basically do not understand what the problem is, and what clearing the cookies - or presumably just the one for logging in - is supposed to do. That cookie is wordpressloggedin.
    Separately, ever since I progressed (am a relatively new blogger of 4 or 5 weeks) to the level of wanting to work with those widgets, the Presentation>Widget page (Kubrick default theme) has been refusing to oblige. I wonder whether this too may have something to do with the cookie hassle?
    What now? Will I receive an email ([email redacted]) when or if you reply?
    I hope you will.
    Thank you in advance for your help with those two little problems, and PF 2008 (Pro Fortuna 2008) aka Happy New Year!
    Oh, and very big thank yous for an excellent blogging software [really great experience, after some webmastering on various freeservers and such, some years ago!]

  2. @biozhena

    Here in the forums, we do not respond by email and you must come back here to this thread for help on this issue.

    What browser and version are you using and what operating system?

    Also, are you talking about trying to post a question here in the forum or on the actual FAQ pages, because none of the FAQ's that I know of are set up to accept comments, just here in the forums.

    Clearing your cookies will not cause you to lose your blog although make sure you know your username and password before doing so as it will clear those when you delete your cookies.

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