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Wrongfully Billed $17 WP-FEE.COM - Have Not Been Active Since 2010

  1. I am completely frustrated. I've been emailing a WordPress "Happiness Engineer" named Karim for the past few hours about a $17 fee from that showed up on my account last night, and I just keep getting the run-around. I've proved that I haven't purchased any upgrades since 2010, and I don't have ownership over any WordPress blogs at this moment. As of last night, I deleted the only blog I had left,, which I never purchased upgrades for. It was supposed to be a completely free account. I never even touched it after creating the name.

    Karim said that I purchased upgrades in 2009 and 2010 for other blogs that have since been deleted or outbid by other people, which is correct, but haven't purchased anything since then, nor have I received any emails stating so, so I want to know why I was wrongfully charged $17 and I want a refund. Every time I ask for a refund for the $17, he comes up with another "possibility" as to why I was charged, the latest being that there was a "domain renewal for on the account: jamyerson. Might this person be related to you, and used your card?"

    No, I don't know a jamyerson, and he does not have access to my card. I think you guys made a mistake on your end and billed me instead of him. My account/username is agentvoyageur and I never used any other name seeing as how my name is Alexandra and I have no "J" in my name. Just because I share a last name with this person doesn't mean you're justified in billing me. I want a refund immediately and if I don't receive one I will be filing a claim. This is completely ridiculous.

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  3. my blog was, but I have deleted it since.

  4. Hello there,
    This is the correct link for such reporting and sorting out issues >
    Note: I have also flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  5. I already did that to no avail, and have been getting the run-around. I just want a refund.

  6. We have been working with you on this since yesterday. Our last reply was sent one hour ago.

    I am sorry that we have no yet responded to your most recent reply yet, but we shall continue via email.

  7. I know you've been working with me, but I don't understand why it's so hard to issue a refund. I didn't purchase any upgrades and jamyerson is not my account. That should be the end of it and there shouldn't be anything to figure out.

  8. Since this is a domain, I need to be sure that the transaction matches before I take their domain away.

    All we have now is a suspect last name and a transaction date. That's not enough to determine the exact charge.

    We don't store credit card details in any visible form, so it's not as simple as just getting the number and refunding it.

    Let's continue via email email please. I sent a reply a few minutes ago.

  9. Thank you. I emailed you back.

  10. Excellent, thank you!

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