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wrong/missing calendar info on "upcoming events" widget.

  1. the upcoming events widget is not displaying the correct date/time information on my calendar. I've updated the time zone on my profile to my local time but that doesn't seem to work. the upcoming event for tomorrow is missing and is showing the next event in November with the wrong time. how can i fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same issue. At first, the widget was working properly but now some (not all of them) time entries do not appear correct in the widget according to my google calendar. I re-entered some data but the problem stil occurs, date/time settings appears to be ok both in google cal an wordpress.

  3. the widget may have a problem with recurring events. the support site says:

    "At this time recurring events are not supported. Only the first instance of a recurring event will display."

    i just entered the first event as a one-time thing and it displayed the correct date and time. i may have to manually enter all the recurring events until wordpress comes up with a solution.

  4. PGU11 Admin:

    Are the events a consistent amount of time off? Say 12 hours off or 4 hours off or whatever?

  5. for now it only shows one upcoming event and it is about 13 hrs off. it should be from 5:30pm-6:30pm on the first monday every month. the event is correct on our google calendar. i don't want to keep this on the website for too long because the information is incorrect and want to avoid confusion.

  6. my recurring events are 2 hours off and displayed multiple times , the non-recurring are fine. First I thought it had to do with differences in daylight saving time around the world.
    Going to delete all recurring events and repeat them manually, pffff.
    It's a lot of work since they are not 100% equal.
    thanks for input, a solid solution would be nice although :-)

  7. Just for the heck of it, can you both look in iCal "preferences-->advanced" and see if you have time zone support turned on or off?

    This probably isn't the issue, but I'm trying to rule it out.

  8. So, as you can probably tell, there is something amiss with the Upcoming Events widget. We are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

    I will post updates here as they are available:

    Please subscribe to that thread so that you are alerted to them.

  9. I'm looking into this issue. Could you guys please confirm for me that this problem is only happening for repeating events?

  10. yes, the problem is only for repeating events. i have to enter the events manually every month for the correct dates/times to display.

    rootjosh: not sure where i can find "preferences-->advanced" from my dashboard.

  11. Thanks. I think I have a good lead on the bug now. I'll check back in as soon as I have more info.

    rootjosh was referring to iCal, a Mac OS X calendar program. Here's what Preferences > Advanced looks like in iCal: In your case, it appears you're using Google Calendar in the Upcoming Events widget settings on, so you don't need to check iCal settings.

  12. problem seems to be solved.



  13. @brisbanetm, thank you for the note about the help page at

    I've just added a new FAQ section to that page.

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