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wsr against terrorism

  1. ""

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Spammers gonna spam :)

  3. Man I hate wsr.

  4. What is/are wsr?

  5. mahnoorqureshi

    sorry it is war

  6. Either way, I agree with Raincoaster.

  7. mahnoorqureshi

    why u hate pakistan so much brothers????

  8. Don't be so childish. Are you serious about your blog or you just trying to get attention? If latter is the cause then no one's gonna like you. I'm here for months but I never realized that someone hates Pakistan or any other country.

  9. I hate the fact that thousands of innocent people have been killed and maimed in the West in the name of religion and by religious fanatics. I hate the fact that our soldiers are called murderers by certain people when they are risking their lives in the name of freedom.

  10. And we are on the edge of END of the world only because of hatred.

  11. I hate France.

  12. OMG I got deleted?

    Who dares?

  13. @Rain
    Your super powers have been proved useless :)

    I like France and I love Paris especially Eiffel tower.

  14. mahnoorqureshi

    my god knows(He is the most better witness) i have no desire to draw the attention of the people towards myself,but yes!! i want to draw the attention of ppl towards orphan children and mothers who lost their sons.. i also dont want anything but ''respect'' for them

  15. *transitions to Hulk Raincoaster*

  16. mahnoorqureshi

    @jessielansdel i am really thankful to you that u gave ur opinion positively.. i also feel said on the death of every innocent person in the world.. i respect every human being ,, and i just want that people atleast give respect to them who sacrified their lives..

  17. @Rain Lol :)

  18. @ rain. Calm down now. You'll ruin your shirt. (But your trousers will remain intact by some miracle)

    Many people had no choice or say in the matter of dying. They were innocent victims going about their daily lives when THEY were blown to bits or were forced to make that terrible choice.......burn to death or jump from a window many hundreds of feet above the ground. Or terrified as they said goodbye to loved ones as fanatics and murderers flew aircraft at high buildings. Men women and CHILDREN.

  19. Now I understand: my words were so powerful that staff felt you would not be safe viewing them unshielded, so they deleted them. That seems logical.

    My trousers are made of adamantium. I got the shirt at Walmart.

  20. @Rain
    Oh I'm scare of you.
    Catch this scary :)

  21. To OP, am I a little slow? I have visited your blog but can't understand what your message is? What are you trying to say?

  22. the war on terrorism all fundementaly boils down to three things, power, money and religion- these things have been fought about for thousands of years. Also just a different question- what really is 'war on terrorism' is it like 'war on drugs'? is it something that can never end as the sides are too far apart?

  23. @mahnoorqureshi - learn how to blog first, then when you're comfortable with it, post more to your blog. I'm sure that if you write from your heart you'll do fine.

    @Everyone else. Actually, I'm not so sure this person's a spammer. Time will tell.

  24. The amont of imprper englis is tu much for mi.

  25. @absurdoldbird thanks for your advice.. i did some mistakes bcoz i did not know much about wordpress.. but i wanted to write some thing about the sacrifices which pakistanis made in this war.. i have no intention to hurt some one.. i believe that murder of one ''innocent'' person is the murder of whole humanity.. whether he belongs to any religion..

  26. @Rain Why does Hulk uses ALL CAPS?


  28. Like LUNG LORD!! Lol.


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