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    When I try to log in, nothing happens. I have to “sneak up” on it by googling mty blog. Then, when I am sneakily logged in (and sometimes this happens even when it lets me log in) when I try to download a video, I click the “from URL” thing, and then the “from video etc” thing, and then the “insert into post” box disappears!
    Plus, if I try to download an image, I click the “select files” thing, and nothing happens.
    This is really hampering my attempts to blog. Any help is welcome. I get nothing on the “support” page….

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like you’re using Internet Explorer 7. If you are, please try upgrading to Internet Explorer 9, or switch to Firefox or Chrome.

    If you are running Internet Explorer 9, please turn off Compatibility Mode.

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