WTF is wrong with my page?

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    When I log into my account and try to post something, it will only show my first ‘test-site’ that was posted like 5 years ago. It seems like I can’t get access to my ‘real’ site that has like 30 or more posts and is fully developed. What am i doing wrong? Please help!


    The blog I need help with is



    Howdy herrelose!
    I was not able to exactly figure out the problem as its not in English,
    Just looking at the site seems the front page is configured to a Static Front Page, So just try this, from your a Dashboard, navigate to Personalize
    Themes–>Customize–>Static Front Page Cross check the options there, just make sure on the radio Button, “Your Latest Posts” is selected and not “A Static Page”

    Let me know how it goes, we can take it ahead from there..!



    @herrelose This is the support forum. Are you trying to reach your self-hosted site ? Was it connected to by Jetpack? Can you see it in “My Sites” “switch site” or can you access it directly via



    thanx themagicrobot! I’m a degenerate. Didnt remember how to log in right.. :D

    But now I posted, and it show on my computer screen perfectly, but when I try to access it via mobile phones, suddenly ALL the text (exept the links and plugins) disappears??! What am I doing wrong?


    I’m afraid you’ll need to ask for assistance at Volunteers here can only give advice on sites. Try and give the .org forum as much detail as you can about the changes you’ve made. Giving them the site address might help too :)

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