WTF? Page saying ” wordpress server is down”

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    I was wrote a post, published it, the went to view my site and all my post had disappeared. When i went to go back to my dashboard this page came up, saying that the wordpress server was down and bla bla bla. Kinda looked like a message that a hacker would have written, totally didn’t seem like something that the guys at WordPress would have posted…..anyone else see the same thing?



    okay, the WordPress news page is back up now, but my post is still missing….very strange



    All my posts have dissapeared … WTH ??



    I couldn’t even login – created a new account to do so, and now seem to have just logged back in as camden lady. not sure really.

    WordPress is a real mess this week. I love this place to bits, but it’s not treating me too good right now!



    okay….i am now at home and I saw the same message “cnfessions of a broken browser”….or something to that effect and the site is totally acting strange. So I am assuming that things are not “all good” as I thoght earlier.



    database server probably crashed. im sure they’ll fix it soon enough. for a free service, we really cant complain.



    hopefully, and i’m totally not bitchin..i love wordpress…..i was just reporting what was going on



    same problem yesterday. it even did not know my blog anymore and did offer to register a blog with this name – really scary. the note “confessions of a broken server” made me calm down a bit, cause it shows that the guys @ wp have a sense for humor.
    i hope they will soon explain whats going on…



    The database server didn’t crash but it did run out of connections for an extended period of time yesterday while we updated fields across a large number of tables. Apart from that, you wouldn’t believe the amount of traffic all those theme widgets and new features create!
    I hope to have better error reporting in place soon, along with a page that will appear any time this happens in the future.
    It’s better to get a friendly message saying, “Sorry, we’re experiencing a heavy load right now. Your blog will be back online in a few minutes.” than your blog saying, “no posts found”.



    thanks donncha. i didnt worry at all, i knew all things get fixed in time when it comes to wordpress. keep up the good work.



    Thanks Donncha for letting us know what happened. :)



    Maybe you guys could have a scheduled maintenance window where everyone knows the servers will be down or underperforming? And is there any testing of changes before you roll them out? This last week or two has been kind of hellish with database problems, security warnings on every admin page, slow or no response, problems with private posts going out via RSS…I’ve heard the “it’s free” argument, but I still think we’ve got a right to know if stability is coming.



    The trouble with these ‘upgrades’ is that the team think they’re going to proceed smoothly so there’s no point alarming everyone with forewarnings. Of course, the upgrade never ever proceeds smoothly, but then they’re so busy trying to fix the stuff they just broke that they don’t have time to keep everyone updated.

    This is also why nobody with any sense ever gives an estimated completion time for this sort of work. It will always take longer than expected, and then people think you’re more unreliable than they would if you’d said nothing.

    So there may be a post to the news blog after everything is fixed, apologising for the problems. Or there may not. What you can probably be sure of is not hearing too much from them in the interim.


    wank said: “It will always take longer than expected….”

    AKA Murphy’s Law.

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