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  1. Someone asked if the P in my PhD stood for "proctology."

  2. Cow vulgar! Have a glass of bovine and milk it for all it's worth.

  3. Ugh! that's two puns you got that I should have thought of first.

  4. Just moove on.

  5. My sister sent me this, and It made me laugh so hard I thought I would share:

    Bachelor Degree: $19,000
    Masters Degree: $25,000
    Doctorate: $30,000
    Picture of sister with hand up a cow's hoo-ha: Priceless

  6. Yep, I bet your parents will have that on their mantelpiece.

  7. This one fits the WTF category... :P

    Shakira - Hips don't Lie - Verarsche

    The real shakira, video

  8. Um, yeah.

  9. How did this marvelous thread get burried to page 3 obscurity?

    Thankfully Gary Coleman is here to help save it from oblivion.

    Behold: Gary Coleman playing baseball

  10. WTF happened to the forums? Will we get an announcement about this....someday?

  11. and it is nice, BTW. just a bit of a shock.

  12. WTF???

    (just on general principles)


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