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    Hi There,

    I searched for answers to my concerns on forums, but didn’t find any. I have Wu Wei theme, but I’ve upgraded to Customize CSS so I can make tweaks here and there if necessary.

    A) How do I change color of blog title from that ugly grey color?

    B) Is it possible to add widgets to the right (or left) side of this theme? Don’t like how they show up at the bottom.

    C) I was hoping to add columns of color to background, but uncertain how to do this.

    The blog I need help with is wineandquill.wordpress.com.


    The site you referenced is not using wu wei, so my answers will be based on the standard demo site and will not take into effect any change you may have already made.

    A) First rule is non-hover grey. Second rule is the orange that appears when you hover your mouse over the title.

    .blog-name a:link, .blog-name a:visited {
        color: #D1D9DC;
    .blog-name a:hover {
        color: #FF8A00;

    B) I’ve done this before for someone, but it is messy since there isn’t an overall parent div. What that means is that when you use position: absolute to relocate one of the footer widget div up to the right or left, it will shift vertically in relationship to the other page elements depending on whether the viewer is logged into wordpress or not. It will shift by the height of the top grey admin bar.

    C) It is possible to add color to the background. If you tell us what exactly you have in mind, we can look at the CSS and figure out a way to do it. Wu Wei can be a little tricky due to the way the markup (XHTML) and CSS are structured.



    hi tsp!
    i got impatient and decided to go with another theme in the meantime, which i think i like better. but shoot, thank you so much for your thorough response. i really appreciate it.


    If you want a sidebar on your site, I think that was a wise move, and you are welcome.

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