Wu Wei – Delete Date Stamp from Front Page Post

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    i’m trying to delete the date stamp from the front page of my blog so it looks more like a static site. i have copied and pasted:

    .post-metadata {
    display: none;

    into the CSS editor (when i do, it’s the only text there – not sure if that’s right or not. i expected there to be some html there or something) but it doesn’t do a lickin’ thing.

    if anyone can help me, it would really be very much appreciated. thanks in advance. i feel about ready to jump in my fire place i’m so frustrated.


    url: http://www.ohksocial.com

    The blog I need help with is ohksocial.com.



    This thread will be moved to the CSS Forum for you. There you can get help with your CSS editing.



    thanks – i did read that. that’s why i tried to copy and paste that text to my editor. like i said though, it didnt do anything.



    a) The code you pasted above “doesn’t do a lickin’ thing” because the selector is wrong. Despite what that thread seems to say, TSP’s reply did not refer to Wu Wei.
    b) If the post metadata selector was right, again it wouldn’t do what you’re looking for: the post metadata in Wu Wei is the list of categories and tags, not the date.
    By the way, using the same word or phrase as both a category and a tag is wrong: there’s absolutely no point doing this, plus it will result in technical problems.
    c) If you want to make the blog front “look more like a static site”, why don’t you setit to display a static page instead of a post?


    a) that’s what i thought too. but i couldn’t find the answer to my question so i thought i’d give it a shot.
    b) thank you
    c) i did set it to that. still trying to figure that part out though.


    ….yes! perfect! thank you justpi

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