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WW2 - America's part in it?

  1. roughseasinthemed

    we all have really differing perspectives of history so here is one based on personal and academic perspectives.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Indeed we do which is why I'm astonished to hear from Americans that they think they won WW2. I'm astonished that an accurate history of the events does not appear to have been on the curriculum in American schools. Apparently at least some were taught a revistiot history that does not dovetail with the facts. The real event that changed America into a nation actively at war was the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  3. America helped about 30 /35 other countries win the war. Only for Pearl Harbour, America would not have joined in.

    I have tried and failed to find a war / battle that America won, on their own, outside the states.

  4. @dribblingpensioner: Er... the Mexican-American War? The Spanish-American War? Weren't both pretty much the US vs. another country?

  5. @ rooktopia, you did not read the post, i said , outside the states in another far of country, not in Cuba next door.

    The Spanish/American war was only quote, ( precipitating a short war rapidly decided by two naval engagements. )

    You would hardly call two naval engagements a war, come on now.

    BTW, don't mention, the bay of pigs, whispers :)

  6. @dribblingpensioner --- I don't mean to sound confrontational, and I'm hoping I don't come across that way. But why would, say, the Mexican-American War not count? The territories fought over (from California to Texas) weren't part of the states at the time. That was Mexican territory. The ethics of the war can be disputed. The end result, though, was that substantial swaths of territory were on the US side, which is pretty much a victory condition in winning a war outside the the states.

    It's true that the Spanish-American War were a few engagements, but it was a war nonetheless. Discounting though would mean, say, discounting battles such as the Seven Day War. Not all wars take years to sort out. And the end result of that war included a rather large expansion of US Territories into the Pacific, which I would count as a substantial victory.

    I'd also argue that the Pacific Front was mainly driven by the US, which would net several individual battles (Midway, Okinawa, Iwo Jima) as affairs that where the main adversaries were one country against another: US and Japan. But since that was a Theatre as part of a larger war, it gets a little murky. I only bring that up to dispute that the claim that US has never won a "battle" that wasn't within its borders.

    I agree that there are victories that history books should revise --- the War of 1812 and the Korean War, for example, were not outright wins --- but to go the other extreme and say that the US never won any battles on their own outside of the ones in their own borders strikes to me as swinging to the extreme opposite.

  7. @ roughseasinthemed, you see what you started :)

    OK,i will give it to you that USA won a few minor battles over minor opposition by greater weight of numbers etc.

    Briton and the commonwealth were fighting Japan as well.

    I stick by my statement, America has never won a war on its own in another country.

    Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and i forget the names of the other two countries.

    America won ww2, sorry far from it, indeed at the invasion of France, D Day, America was the only country not to get of the beaches, other countries had to go back and help them.

  8. I love a debate and i like to rant :)

  9. Didn't you all know, John Wayne and his "great bunch of guys" won the war. Come on now. ;)

  10. Jessie, you got it in one, i forgot about him :)

  11. If history is written by the winners, and America teaches that it won the war, doesn't than mean it did? Aha. Gotcha there, didn't I?

  12. @roughseas - thanks for all of your comments lately. I love history. Seems we have much in common! Looks like you started a wonderful discussion here!

    Great Post!

  13. roughseasinthemed

    Thanks to everyone for your participation. I've not been around the blog scene for a few days but wanted to comment on here as everyone has made interesting points.

    Whether or not your read my original post is another matter, or even the links, but still, thanks for replying. (I know TT did cos she clicked on like).

    I do agree with dp, there is a huge difference between having land battles eg endlessly in the UK, and going thousands of miles away to blast the whatever out of people. Very, big difference. Territorial border disputes and not invasions by a foreign power.

    Here is a different post:

    And here is one about a current <del>war</del> dispute, in Gibraltar, where it is escalating to Royal Navy uncovering guns, Spanish fishing boats insisting on fishing in our territorial waters with a Guardia Civil escort, and the Guardia Civil saying the Spanish navy should now be involved.

    (some of you have already read it :D)

    War is always war and is always political.

  14. I did read your post btw, some posts do get hi-jacked and go of-topic :)

    Well i don't think the Spanish want their fleet to join the Amanda :) and they would have no British holiday makers :) their country would go bankrupt.

  15. roughseasinthemed

    LOL. We did laugh about the Armada today :D Wondered how keen the Spaniards would be to face the RN. Didn't exactly do too well in the 16th century.

    Are you accusing me of hijacking my own post? OK, I'll bring it back on topic. How about the Americans no longer supporting Gibraltar naval base but using Rota (which fair enough has been around) but still, UN pals and all that, us being faithful poodles? Might be nice them dropping by now and again. Or maybe not actually, perhaps better off not.

    I digress.

    Oh and Spain is nearly bankrupt. That's why they are bleating on about territorial waters to stop the masses rioting because there are no jobs and there is no money.

  16. @roughseasinthemed
    I humbly apologize for posting a comment into this promotion thread. It wasn't meant to divert others from commenting on the post in your blog and commencing to debate here where it matters not rather than on your blog where it does matter.

    There is limited space on the front page of this Showcase Forum and when we comment as I'm doing now again we bumping older threads up to the top where they push down the latest blog promotion threads. It's my opinion that this sucks! I would like to see this forum used as a post a brief promo followed by the link to your post forum that had no ability to comment on it at all. However, know the use bb press software cannot be set up that way here and that's too bad. :(

  17. No we hi-jacked it :) Americans supporting the GIB, hahaha, Briton can do all right in a war on its own :)

    Here's a post about the Spanish Armada :)

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