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www in domain mapping

  1. I have ordered domain mapping for my blog. It worked and now my website is at:
    But I would like to change it to
    Do I have to pay additional 10usd for that? Cause I cannot change it without deleting the domain and adding it differently next time. Or can I?

  2. There is www and no-www.
    When the domain mapping code was written we needed to decide which we would use because using both would not be a good idea. We chose the no-www.

    It's a visual thing only - you won't lose any readers.

  3. thanks, mark.
    I'll have to live with it.

  4. This seems like a bad idea. Many websites start with www and its natural for people to enter www in the beginning of a domain. Now, I will have to point my External DNS server for to the IP address of since a CNAME for the domain will not work. I just hope changing IP's for your servers is not common. It too bad that I paid for domain mapping and find this out later, otherwise I would not use WordPress.

  5. Um, you may want to check your DNS instructions. You point nameservers to the domain name which is, not If you're pointing to, other things like ftp and mail (if we had them here) wouldn't work.

    Yes, many websites start with www because they're websites. We're talking about domain names here. The web is just one portion of what a domain name can be used for.

    As to the CNAME it should be: CNAME

    CNAME's do work and there's a number of them in use around here. Pointing to an IP address wouldn't because there's three datacenters with load balancing in place.

  6. If people type in www in front of your domain, they'll find you. Heck, I sometimes get to my own blog that way because I'm lazy.

  7. Drmike,

    Hey, wow, thanks for the lightning fast response, this is a good enough reason to like WordPress.

    Here is the background.

    The Dns servers for my domain is using 2 DNS servers:

    On these DNS servers, I am able to have a CNAME entry for www CNAME, but I cannot have CNAME entry for, the reason why I put in the IP address, which doesnt seem to working (your domain page rejects it). I sucessfully added a www2 CNAME and the domain admin page accepted it (I didnt confirm, since i was just testing)

    I then just figured out that if I have a MX record to a CNAME entry, then the CNAME entry for will not be possible. So right now, I just put in the CNAME for and removed the MX record for for now. I'll have to figure out hot to get it working later.

  8. Drmike,

    Thanks, I got it working, the CNAME entry did the trick. I just need to get mail working.

  9. I'm glad you got it to work. Sorry that I didn't get back to you in time. I'm currently involved with a pair of local churches doing some volenteer work at night and had to take off last night.


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