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  1. My website is not showing. I created it in wordpress, it's been over 72 hours. It says it's been mapped ? Need it yp and running ASAP .liza

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did your follow all the steps to implement domain mapping to an existing domain such as setting the primary domain
    and following through these steps?

  3. does not seem to be registered.

    Did you register the domain name? Or just do Domain Mapping?

    As a .au domain you need to register the domain name not at WordPress.COM - I added a zone record for you but you need to register the domain name and follow the instructions above for changing your name servers

  4. Hi there, yes I have done everything as shown. I bought the domain name through for $18 which includes mapping. It is my primary domain? Not sure what to do next?

  5. Sorry about the top question - Insanity and beyond is my blog. I created, BETTER LEDGERS as a blog then bought the domain for this and did everything as shown in the links. Liza

  6. I did not think that an .au domain name could be registered with WordPress.COM - the domain can be mapped but I don't think registered - maybe they changed or there could be a bug in the registration process but when I did a whois I did not see the domain name being registered

    What do you see at Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades?

    You might need staff help to sort this out -

    This thread has been also flagged for the staff to help you

  7. Hi there, is not registered through It is mapped to your blog, but since it is not registered yet, it is not going to work.

    You are all set with a zone ID, so all you need to do is go register this domain and then reset the nameservers to point to

    I hope that helps!

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