Need help? Check out our Support site, then site has been working fine. Now it times out on loading.

  1. Site does not load. I made a quick post this morning, noticed it hand not echoed to twitter and started looking around ... time out browser windows.

    Trying to understand why -- which is directed to suddenly stopped working. Haven't got a clue as to what changed. Back end maintenance on your side?

    DNS is at But this hasn't been a problem.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Good news ... I can reach the Blog Cpanel ...

  3. On the phone with (holding) to find out if their DNS is at fault.

  4. Hi!

    Did you setup any redirection on ? It looks like is redirecting to, creating an infinite redirection loop.

    - Diogo

  5. It's not DNS. This is WordPress...

  6. Did you buy the site redirect upgrade?

  7. Yes, the site redir ($13) was paid, it's interesting though ... I saw that it was active and yet the system kept offering that service to me as if it hadn't been purchased.

    But that's not the stunner -- it's that this has been stable for months.

  8. Domain:
    Domain Mapped to
    Learn More | Domain Settings

    Status: Active
    This upgrade will be renewed automatically in 8 months on June 23, 2014

    DNS needs to be updated | Update Credit Card | Disable Auto Renew | Cancel | Transfer to another site
    USD per year
    $0.04 per day

  9. "DNS needs to be updated" ... referring to the fact I'm still using Enom nameservers and page frame redirect.

    Part of this effort has been to see if this configuration might have issues.

  10. Enom, says that the "A" records should be changed. But again, this has been working fine until this morning.

  11. Primary Domain Subscription Email / DNS Manage Domain Subscriptions
    Active Renews on July 23, 2014 Edit DNS
    Manage Email Never expires N/A

  12. I can give in and migrate name servers, alas.

  13. Last post for a few hours: off to meetings...

    Maybe the advice is ... if you want sites to work, drink the coolaid, migrate the name servers.

    Back in this thread later in the day...

    Thanks for those thoughts.

  14. This is what I see happening:

    1. tries to load inside an iframe(to maintain the domain in the address bar)
    2. loads and sends a HTTP 301 code redirecting back to
    3. repeat

      This is how a query to your domains looks for me:

      ;		IN	A
      ;; ANSWER SECTION:	1540	IN	A	1540	IN	A	1540	IN	A	1540	IN	A
    1. Yes, I'm seeing that too. It's that A record -- which is a Google IP ... I use Google Hosted Services for mail, apps, user start pages, bla bla.

      Reason why I didn't want to hike the Name Servers over here.

      If I knew what address (wordpress) to put in the A record, I think this would disappear.

      the other services are all configured with Cnames... shouldn't be affected by changing the A record -- If I remember my DNS engineering.

      Question is, what changed at WordPress to suddenly become sensitive to the A rec. Like, this morning.


      Like I said earlier perhaps I should just bite the bullet.

    2. Really weird. I've added the modlook tag, let's see if can get some attention from the staff.

    3. I've installed the WordPress NameServers at Enom.

      I'll be backing into making the email work (we don't get much through this domain anyway.)

      After that I can rework the records for the other services.

      I'd be interested in getting to the bottom of this, but I fell pretty confident those A records caused the recursive loop.

      God bless you for poking your nose in here with me!

    4. installed the mail records ... given in the support page

      TXT v=spf1 ~all

      I don't think I need to dig out the verification text ... so I skipped that.

    5. Have begun to see the page loading now. Double checking, and I'll test email after propagation is further along ... couple of days.

    6. Nope, was wrong. I can see the pages inside the wordpress admin tool at least ... drop in new posts, etc.

    7. Yup. It's working now. Email remains operational so far.



    8. Happy to know everything is working again!


      - Diogo

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