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  1. Didn't WordPress once have a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor? If so, where the hell did it go?

  2. Please don't keep posting the same question in the forum.

    There is a Visual Editor available to use for posts. On the right hand top of the edit box you'll see tabs for HTML and Visual.

  3. I refresh by mistake. A double post wasn't intended. I was originally in the visual editor, but there were no options to make text bold, blockquoted, etc. I jumped to the HTML tab to see if it was any different, but it wasn't. Now I can't get back to visual.

  4. Try refreshing page and that don't work
    delete your cache and cookies...

  5. Oops I was typing to fast heres what i'm trying to say
    Try refreshing the page and if that
    don't work delete your cache and cookies...

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