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X-Greenery Theme for sandbox

  1. I just released another skins for sandbox theme called X-Greenery which is a converted skins from a wordpress theme called Greenery located at ... as for the instructions and screenshot you can see it at my homepage,

    and here's the css code :

    <br /> /*<br /> Skin Name:X-Greenery<br /> Skin URI:<br /> Description:Snazzy dark grey theme with splashs of greenery (hence the name). This is a port of<br /> the open-source template by Pat Heard ( ) of the same name. Converted and modified into Sandbox Theme by <a href="">Reaper-X</a><br /> Author:Steve Mooradian<br /> Author URI:<br /> Live Demo:<br /> The CSS,XHTML and design is released under GPL:<br /><br /> Send feedback to steve at negative99 dot com<br /> Changelog:<br /> v1.0<br /> First Release<br /> v1.1<br /> Added Widgets support (special thanks to x2nie at yahoo dot com)<br /> */<br /> body{<br /> margin:0;<br /> border:0;<br /> text-align:center;<br /> font:0.63em verdana,arial,sans-serif;<br /> line-height:170%;<br /> color:#EEEEEE;<br /> background:url(xgreenery/bg_body.jpg) #585858 repeat-y top center<br /> }<br /> #header{<br /> width:100%;<br /> margin:0 auto;<br /> border:0;<br /> height:4.2em;<br /> background:url(xgreenery/bg_header.jpg) #585858 repeat-y top center<br /> }<br /> #blog-title{<br /> padding:0 55px 20px 0;<br /> float:right;<br /> background-image:url(xgreenery/logo_greenery.gif);<br /> background-repeat:no-repeat;<br /> background-position:right;<br /> color:#000000<br /> }<br /> #blog-description{display:none}<br /> #wrapper{<br /> position:relative;<br /> display:block;<br /> width:767px;<br /> height:auto;<br /> margin:0 auto;<br /> padding:0;<br /> text-align:left<br /> }<br /> #container{margin-top:-50px}<br /> #content{<br /> float:left;<br /> position:absolute;<br /> display:block;<br /> width:410px;<br /> padding:10px 5px 20px 10px;<br /> text-align:justify<br /> }<br /> .hfeed{text-align:justify}<br /> #content ul{}<br /> .sidebar{display:block;width:185px}<br /> #primary{float:right}<br /> html>body #primary{float:right;position:relative}<br /> #secondary{<br /> background-image:url(xgreenery/plants.jpg);<br /> background-repeat:no-repeat;<br /> height:604px;<br /> width:166px;<br /> float:left;<br /> margin-left:220px;<br /> margin-top:-19px<br /> }<br /> html>body #secondary{<br /> float:left;<br /> position:absolute;<br /> margin-left:44em;<br /> margin-top:-4.6em;<br /> clear:left<br /> }<br /> #footer{<br /> background-image:url(xgreenery/reaper-logo.gif);<br /> background-repeat:no-repeat;<br /> background-position:left;<br /> float:right;<br /> clear:both;<br /> display:block;<br /> margin:0 auto;<br /> text-align:center;<br /> padding:20px;<br /> width:60px;<br /> height:34px;<br /> color:#888888;<br /> font-size:0.9em<br /> }<br /> html > body #footer{float:right}<br /> p.access a{display:none}<br /> #secondary li{display:none}<br /> #menu li{<br /> float:left;<br /> margin-top:-71px;<br /> padding-right:20px;<br /> background-color:#86E160<br /> }<br /> html>body #menu li{<br /> width:8em;<br /> float:left;<br /> list-style:none;<br /> text-align:center;<br /> margin-top:-62px;<br /> padding:0 0 42px 0;<br /> background-color:transparent;<br /> line-height:normal<br /> }<br /> #menu li a{<br /> display:block;<br /> padding-bottom:1em;<br /> text-decoration:none;<br /> text-transform:uppercase;<br /> color:#222222<br /> }<br /> #menu li a:hover{<br /> font-weight:bold;<br /> color:#111111;<br /> background:url(xgreenery/menu_tab.gif) no-repeat bottom center<br /> }<br /> h1{<br /> display:inline;<br /> color:#222222;<br /> background-color:#86E160;<br /> background-image:none;<br /> clear:both;<br /> margin:10px 0;<br /> font:700 1em verdana,sans-serif;<br /> text-transform:uppercase<br /> }<br /> h1 a{<br /> margin:10px 0;<br /> font:700 1em verdana,sans-serif;<br /> text-transform:uppercase;<br /> color:#000000;<br /> text-decoration:none<br /> }<br /> h2{<br /> margin:10px 0;<br /> font:700 1em verdana,sans-serif;<br /> text-transform:uppercase;<br /> color:#7BD32C;<br /> background:url(xgreenery/rounded_tr.gif) #686868 no-repeat top right<br /> }<br /> h3{<br /> margin:10px 0;<br /> font:700 1em verdana,sans-serif;<br /> text-transform:uppercase;<br /> color:#7BD32C<br /> }<br /> #wrapper ul{padding-bottom:6px}<br /> #wrapper ul li{margin-left:2px;padding-left:2px}<br /> p{<br /> padding-top:10px !important;<br /> padding-top:3px;<br /> padding-bottom:10px !important;<br /> padding-bottom:3px<br /> }<br /> a,#content a:visited,.hfeed a:visited,.sidebar a,.sidebar a:visited{color:#7BD343;text-decoration:none}<br /> a:hover,.entry-meta a:hover{color:#FFFFFF}<br /> textarea{width:98%}<br /> input,textarea{<br /> padding:1px 3px;<br /> margin:5px 0;<br /> font:1em verdana,arial,sans-serif;<br /> color:#EEEEEE;<br /> background-color:#777777;<br /> border:1px solid #999999<br /> }<br /> input:hover,input:focus,textarea:hover,textarea:focus{<br /> color:#FFFFFF;<br /> background-color:#999999;<br /> border:1px solid #EEEEEE<br /> }<br /> h2 a:hover,h2 a:visited,h2 a{text-decoration:none}<br /> blockquote{<br /> margin:0;<br /> padding:0 15px;<br /> border:1px solid;<br /> background:#555555<br /> }<br /> code{<br /> display:block;<br /> padding:8px;<br /> background:#555555;<br /> font-size:8pt;<br /> border-top:1px dotted;<br /> border-bottom:1px dotted<br /> }<br /> .entry-date{<br /> cursor:help;<br /> border-bottom:1px solid #777777;<br /> letter-spacing:1px<br /> }<br /> .sidebar ul{list-style:none}<br /> .sidebar h3{<br /> text-align:right;<br /> background-color:#686868;<br /> background-image:url(xgreenery/rounded_tl.gif);<br /> background-repeat:no-repeat<br /> }<br /> .sidebar ul h3 span{<br /> display:block;<br /> padding:2px;<br /> background:url(xgreenery/rounded_bl.gif) no-repeat bottom left<br /> }<br /> .sidebar ul ul{list-style:disc}<br /> .commentlist li{<br /> list-style:none;<br /> padding:5px;<br /> margin-top:5px;<br /> border:#555555 1px solid;<br /> background-color:#333333<br /> }<br /> .comment-meta{padding-top:10px;color:#999999}<br /> .commentlist{color:#EEEEEE}<br /> #footer #generator-link,#footer .metasep,#footer #theme-link{display:none}<br /> .commentlist a{color:#7BD32C}<br /> .commentlist a:hover{color:#EEEEEE}<br /> .comment-author{<br /> font-weight:bold;<br /> border-bottom:1px solid;<br /> padding-bottom:3px<br /> }<br /> .entry-meta{<br /> text-align:justify;<br /> padding:10px;<br /> border-top:1px solid #999999;<br /> border-bottom:1px solid #999999<br /> }<br /> .entry-meta a{<br /> color:#7BD343;<br /> text-decoration:none;<br /> border-bottom:1px dotted<br /> }<br /> #searchform{text-align:center}<br /> #searchform input{width:100px}<br /> #searchform #searchsubmit #s{}<br /> #wp-calendar{text-align:center}<br /> #wp-calendar th,#wp-calendar tfoot{background-color:#333333}<br /> #wp-calendar tbody{background-color:#555555;font-weight:bold}<br /> #wp-calendar a,#wp-calendar caption{font-weight:bold}<br /> #footer p{padding-top:0 !important;padding-top:10px}<br /> #footer a{color:#888888}<br /> #footer a:hover{color:#EEEEEE}<br /> .center{text-align:center}<br /> .left{float:left}<br /> .right{float:right}<br /> img.left{padding:5px 5px 5px 0}<br /> img.right{padding:5px 0 5px 5px}<br /> a img{border:none;background:none}<br /> img.left{<br /> display:block;<br /> padding:1px;<br /> float:left;<br /> margin:3px 12px 3px 0<br /> }<br /> img.right{<br /> display:block;<br /> padding:1px;<br /> float:right;<br /> margin:3px 0 3px 12px<br /> }<br />{display:block;padding:1px;margin:3px auto}<br />

  2. I haven't had a look at this skin yet, Reaperxzr, but I am really encouraged at how prolific you've become. I think it's great and shows others that customizing the Sandbox (depending on skill level) doesn't have to take weeks and weeks. Made me happy :-)

  3. good stuff. i've been a fan of the sideline graphic in that theme.

    (i just recommended it the other day)

    thanks for the hard work!

  4. thanks alot swallick and sunburntka :) , actually by doing this css customization stuff i can practice my css skills, and hopefully i can get better at this css thing ;)

  5. Great work reaper. As you already know kamel brought this theme to my attention and I really digg it bigtime. This is despite the fact that I haven’t a clue about what your instructions about more than 5 pages,other sidebars and default images actually mean. It all sounds scary to me. Too bad I’m a computer dummmy because I would really like to use this theme for my environmental blog. :(
    P.S. I also think there are many people out there who are into gardening and “green” topics who would also like it. *sigh* Maybe one day I’ll know enough to be able to move to webhosting but I’m not holding my breath. :(

    edit: I have a question for you, reaper. Can the background image be changed? For example could a person have a spring, summer, fall and winter image and change them along with the seasons?

  6. @ TT -
    yes, you can sutomize the image to your heart's content.

    sandbox is one of the few themes that can handle changing the background automatically by season. but on any theme, you can change the image by hand, when you're bored of it.

    by default images, he means that you'll have to download the original greenery and upload the images to (a kind theme author would handle that part for his users *cough* ;)   ).

    more than 5 pages... yeah, that's a limitation of the theme. i think you have more than 5 on both your blogs. but there are ways around that. you can make some pages 'children' of other pages, so they don't show up in the menu, but show up in the sidebar.

  7. @kamel
    Right now if I want to change my theme I click one button and that's it. For example I click a button on my 4 month old timethief environmental blog all my 163 posts and 198 comments or on my 2 month blog coyotes personal blog all 18 posts and 93 comments would be switched over in an instant. Also if I have any technical problem on these blogs as they are now I get help from staff.

    However if I buy a css upgrade then I have to go through not only the download and upload part which I know diddly about and which sound daunting, but also I would have to go through the experience of exporting and importing my files and comments. And from the forum I can tell this is not always a smooth ride, right?

    Thereafter I would have to figure out a passel of "children" of pages work arounds. And then after all is said and done I would also have to affect my own technical fixes to any code I may "break" because with a css customized theme I don't get staff support. Correct?

    Well, that makes changing the pictures in the background sound like the easiest part. Or am I off base in what I have said?

  8. nonononononono

    the custom CSS doesn't affect your posts. it doesn't even affect your themes. if you buy the custom CSS upgrade and all you do is add:

    <br /> a, a:visited {<br /> color: #ff0000 !important;<br /> }<br />

    you'll get red links in any theme you choose. and if everything goes to hell, you go to your custom CSS page and delete everything, and you go back to the themes the way the designers intended.

  9. the custom CSS is not the same as hosting your own blog. a)it's about the same price for a year of CSS as for a month of hosting b) you still get podz, matt, and andy watching your butt if anything goes wrong (except for the CSS (for that you get me and reaper X)).

    CSS is only the code for the appearance of your blog. the posts, comments, links, widgets, and themes; they all live in PHP. the upgrade doesn't mess with any of that.

  10. acckkk! red links, what red links? Can we move to email please?

  11. allmyscribbles


    Could someone direct me as how can I install a new theme for my blog. I am totally lost.

    I have downloaded a new theme from and I would like to know the procedure /steps to import this theme and install it.
    I donot have my own domain, My blog is hosted on

    Any help is much appreciated.


  12. You can't.

    We don't upload themes.

    What you see in dashboard - presentation -themes is what we have.

    If you know CSS (like the example posted originally) you can customize your theme or design your own using the sandbox theme when you buy the CSS upgrade. It's recommended that you don't buy it if you don't know CSS.

  13. Just checking whether you're happy for users to take this css and customise it, or if it's only for use as is?

  14. the design comes from OSWD, so yes you're free to modify it as you please.

    (brownie points if you release your own changes)

  15. Good to know, thank you. Not sure if I'll use it or not at this stage, though it's very pretty.

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