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X-rated material?

  1. What are the rules for X-rated material in WordPress blogs? I am talking about poems and pieces of text (I am an authour) that contains X-rated material. Like short stories, poems, haikus. It is well written and ment as good reading.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can have Staff mark your blog "mature" (legal adult content) and you can remove your username link so we Volunteers and other bloggers don't click into a NSFW blog unexpectedly. Go to the front page of your blog and on the top gray navigation bar under the "Info" link there is a dropdown menu. Click "Report as mature" and then complete the form for Staff that opens up.

    Additional reading:

    Blogs with legal adult content are not removed, so please do not report these as spam or expect us to suspend them. They are flagged as Mature so that they become less visible to general audiences throughout by being excluded from Top Blogs, Recent Posts and Global Tag Listings.

  3. What is NSFW?
    And what if I dont want the blog to be mature content, just a few pieces of text?


  4. NSFW = not safe for work
    It refers to any content that we would not want our young children or grandparents to unexpectedly experience. There is no "warning" on blogs like there is on Blogger (blogspot) blogs.

    If you wish to enter a discussion with Staff about this then this is NOT the place to do it. Volunteers answering forum questions have no role to play in this matter at all and our opinions are irrelevant. What Staff says applies and Staff can be reached on Monday 29th August (UTC) at this link.

  5. Great! Thanks a lot for the help.

  6. You're welcome. :)

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