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X-rated POSTS only

  1. I suggest that bloggers should be able to X-rate a single post. I would love to write X-rated stuff without having to X-rate the entire blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why don't you make a second free blog for your posts about sexuality?
    Did you file a ticket with support and receive an answer? Really, that is what you need to do!

    If you were to use a custom menu on your main blog you could link to the possibly mature or x-rated posts there. Custom menu on the XXXX blog to link back. If the two sites use the same theme and formatting, then readers are unlikely to know the difference. And without getting info from staff, if they decided to delete one blog, you still have your primary blog.

    But best to ask staff with specifics of what you want to post that you think would be mature. X or whatever…

  3. I want one blog only. That´s why I am suggesting this.

  4. Did you ask support about what you proposed to do?

    And did you get an answer? or no answer?

  5. Yes. There your are then! Passwords. Put a contact form up for readers to email you to get a password to view those mature posts.

    My point is that from looking at the OP's site and other communication, there is most likely not a problem here. being extra cautious I suggested a second linked blog so the main one would not be deleted if a problem of TOS or mature status might be required, but truly, I don't (IN MY OPINION) see a problem:

    But only staff can determine the issue.

    OP needs to ask Staff

  6. ~~Tess :)

    You can contact Staff using this link when Staff reactivate the support link.

    Support will be closed over the weekend. We will reopen by 8am Pacific Time on Monday, March 12th.

  7. It´s pointless to give suggestions isn´t it? Everthing is voted down.

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