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Xanga Import

  1. Like Blogger , would we be able to get to import it from . I really want to use the WordPress but I have been blogging on Xanga for the past 3 years . I want to import all of the stuff from Xanga to WordPress.Please Help Me !

  2. See for an importer to WordPress. You could export from a local WordPress into .

  3. Hmmm, I wonder if this would work on WPMU installs.

  4. How do I use the importer? (sorry, I am new to PHP/programming)
    And is there a version to import from Vox?

  5. Does Vox backup to the MT or Typepad format since they are all the same company? As well, this is a really old thread, so you might want to create a new one for it!


  6. Can't the thread be split by an admin? Or is bbPress still too primitive to allow that?

  7. Right now they can't wank, but there is a plugin being worked on now that would allow it. In fact, several pretty wild moderation plugins being developed.


  8. how do we use the importer? I have no clue where to put it, what to do with it, is there a place for step by step instructions?

  9. sorry i don't know how to use the importer. can someone show me how to use it?

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