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Xanga to WordPress

  1. Exported a few xml files from Xanga, then imported to WordPress.

    Email I received said it was successful but nothing is showing up, no posts. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Was it a very big file? Sometimes you need to break it up by category or date into chunks, and import those.

  3. no, just three files 1-2kb each. I only tried uploading one of them.

  4. If your files were only 1-2kb each, that sounds like there was an issue with your export file from Xanga. You may wish to try the export again, and if it doesn't work, contact for more assistance.

  5. Oh right well found the problem. Out of the three files I got exported, I just needed to upload the largest one. It was actually 140kb.

    Thanks for your help, anyways ^^

  6. When you imported all three files, did it work properly for you?

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