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Xanga to Import: Image Issues

  1. dappledthingsphotography

    I have just imported the .xml file that Xanga recently made available for its users into a friend's new blog. It imported everything beautifully. The posts, comments, images, etc. all were imported. The problem I am having is that all of the images in the posts are linked back to Xanga even though the images were imported into my media library.

    Is there an easy way of getting all of the images to link to their proper place in the posts without having to do it manually. I really don't relish the thought of having to go through six years of posts trying to manually link over two hundred photo images. Once Xanga closes shop, the posts will not have photos in them anymore. Please tell me there's an easier way! Thanks.

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  4. dappledthingsphotography

    Thanks. I am subscribed to the thread. :)

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    If you are referring to then you are posting to the wrong support forum. We cannot help you here. and are completely separate and have separate logins. If you don't have a username account at, click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post there.

  6. dappledthingsphotography

    I am posting from this account: about a problem I am having with a friend's ( ) account. This *is* a support issue. It has nothing to do with my self-hosted blog.

  7. Hi there,

    Currently does not have an importer specifically for Xanga sites, as they had not made exporting possible until this week. We will need to test these exports to see what they are including in the files.

    In the meantime, from this post on, it sounds that images may not be included in the export file and you would need to download a separate file:

    If you can send a copy of your XML file to us as an attachment via email (or as a dropbox link in an email if the file is large) we can also take a closer look at the file to see what is actually being exported from Xanga.

  8. dappledthingsphotography


    The images were in the .xml import file for WordPress, and they show up in the Media Library, but the images in each of the imported posts are still linking back to the image files on Xanga. If you look at the source code on my friend's site, you can see all of the image links in the posts are Xanga's.

    I will send you the .xml file, but my concern is that the image links in the posts are all going to have to be changed over manually to the images in her Media Library before Xanga closes up shop, and we don't know which image goes to which post anymore. She has 270 images linked to six year's worth of posts. The task seems daunting, to say the least. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

  9. dappledthingsphotography

    Oh, gosh. I sent you the wrong .xml file. I sent the one I created from her RSS feed that was limited to about ten posts. Let me resend the proper file. Thanks.


  10. Hi again,

    We definitely want to help you out if we can.

    When you send the other file, I will take a look at it, and if I can get an export from my own Xanga site, I will test that as well (they are apparently experiencing some server issues).

    This may take a while and may require a developer's assistance, so I appreciate your patience as we test these things out and see what we can do on our end.

  11. dappledthingsphotography

    I resent the files. It is a zipped file of all of the archives including the photos. Basically, what you see on the site is what is in the files. I just was hoping to somehow have the image links in the posts change to links to the image files in the Media Library without me having to go into each post and do it manually. Thank you so much for looking into this! I will be patiently awaiting any information you may have for me. ;)

  12. Hi again,

    I see one email from you from 20 minutes ago, but the second email has not come through.

    Can you provide the link to the Xanga site as well, so I can compare the two?

  13. dappledthingsphotography

    Sure! And I will re-send the file again. Let me know if you still don't get it. It may take me a few minutes. :)

  14. dappledthingsphotography

    Well, as it turns out the second file was actually not the correct file anyway, so I have sent the correct one. It is named That is what Xanga is putting out now for people who want to export their Xanga blogs to WordPress. It's supposed to work on other sites that use .xml files, too. Let me know when you get it or if you don't. :)

  15. Hi again,

    I got your third email and file, and will see what I can find out for you.

  16. Hi again,

    Looking at the .xml file, it appears Xanga is only including links to images in the file, not the images themselves - hence their recommendation to download the images separately. I 'm not sure yet if we can incorporate those images into your blog or not.

    Even so, I've passed the relevant info to our developers. I will let you know what I find out.

  17. dappledthingsphotography

    Well, somehow pulled the images from the links and added them to the Media Library. I'm hoping the developers can figure a way to point the images in the posts back to the proper links in the Media Library. :) That might be a pipe dream, but it is my hope. Otherwise, it is going to take forever to correct all those image links. I have downloaded the image files from Xanga, but they are already all there in the Media Library in the Dashboard. I look forward to hearing back from you whenever you find out if there's a solution. Thanks for sticking with me on this. :)

  18. Hi again,

    We're still digging into Xanga so I appreciate your patience. I will update you when I know something more.

  19. Hi dappledthingsphotography,

    Just wanted to let you know that our developers are looking into this now. The format that Xanga gives us doesn't make it easy to merge the images into a import, but we're continuing to investigate the situation to see if there's a way to make it work.

  20. dappledthingsphotography

    Thanks, Jackie! I really hope the do come up with something. Keep me posted! :)


  21. Also interested in this.... Working on trying to import now. How long did it take for your .xml file to upload to wordpress?

  22. How did you import all your images?

  23. Woot! Got all the files imported. :-) Thank you WordPress and if we figure out this image thing it would be great. I know xanga users that are switching over would love ya forever.

  24. @dappledthingsphotography and @tessfull2,

    I just wanted to pop in to let you know that we're still looking into this, but we don't have a solution yet. I'm glad to hear imports are working otherwise.

    When I know more, I'll let you know.

  25. dappledthingsphotography

    Thanks for keeping us posted, jackiedana! :)

  26. Oh wow...I'm so glad WordPress is on to this. I have the same concerns myself, having just successfully imported the Xanga XML file successfully into WordPress.

    Fingers and toes crossed that WorkPress can find a way to point the images in each post back to the images on the WordPress server and not the Xanga servers...I would hate to have to go through my 1000+ images and assign them back into the right posts.

  27. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to let you all know that we have yet to sort this out, but I am still keeping an eye on the issue for you.

  28. Crossing fingers....

    -another Xanga refugee

  29. I too am anxious about this. I would hate for all the photos to suddenly leave my posts if Xanga closes!

  30. does anyone have the basic process for importing the xanga.xml files. The import options only link me to specific site blog types (none of which are xanga). Is there one to select that works with the xanga .xml files. I'm not as concerned with the images for now. Thanks.

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