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Xanga to Import: Image Issues

  1. If you have an .xml file you can import it using the WordPress-type in Tools > Import.

  2. The Xanga zip file for my blog has about 6 xml files. Should I import them one at a time and wait for the email each time, or what?

  3. First file was successful...I'll keep going...looks like the thing to do.

  4. You will need to import each file in turn.

  5. When I go to the wordpress menu "tools' then "import", it does not give me xanga as an option to import from. I've been with Xanga for 11 years, and would be very unhappy to hear that the import process the toted actually does not work.

  6. Just use the WordPress type, as instructed above, Dazzles, it worked like a charm for me.

  7. Each time I do it, I add the file, select the author, and hit submit, but nothing happens. The blog doesn't appear, and the page that loads comes up blank.

  8. For instructions on how to do a Xanga import, please see:

    Note that you must open the .zip export folder you get from Xanga and import ALL of the files included in the .zip folder individually.

  9. Also note that your image files are still not included in the export file, but instead appear just as linked images back to Xanga. We have contacted Xanga to see if that will change in the future but so far we don't have any other information for you.

  10. Just a tip for those experiencing trouble with uploading the Xanga files - from my experience, the browser you upload from can make a difference . Chrome isn't the best for the import. Try to use Firefox for the process. For me, Firefox did the job perfectly whilst the first few attempts I did on Chrome resulted in what Dazzles012 is describing.

  11. If anyone else is running into the issues lovejosephine and dazzles012 have experienced, please let me know. I'd like to see a screenshot (you can upload it to your media library on or on a free image sharing service) and any other details you can provide, including browser/version used and if changing browsers did in fact make a difference.

  12. I am using Firefox version 23.0.1 (the most recent) in my attempts. I'm not exactly sure what you would like a screenshot of, jackiedana, but would certainly appreciate any help you can give me!

  13. It would be good to see any error messages or other issues.

    Also you said, "page that loads comes up blank". What is the adress for the page that is blank?

  14. I didn't get that page the most recent time, but every time I get an e-mail notification saying there was a successful import (which is every time I try), I log in, and nothing is there.

  15. Please let me know if your site is not functioning properly, or if there is content from your import that is not displaying as expected, and I can look into that further for you.

  16. I have not tried to post a brand new blog yet, but my imports are still not appearing, as far as I can see. Would you like me to continue this conversation with you in a private message/e-mail, or is it easier to keep it on the forum? Thanks again for your help!

  17. dazzles012, can you confirm that you have tried to import every file that was contained within your Xanga .zip folder? If you did, and your blog still isn't showing those posts, then you can upload your export file to a file sharing service like Dropbox and send me a link, and I can try the import for you to see if I can figure out where it's failing.

  18. I only tried to import the first file, as I didn't want them to go out of order, but is that irrelevant? If so, I can try the others, as well. If that fails, how does Dropbox work? I've never used it before.

  19. dazzles012, you will need to import all of the files before it will work. I understand that's a little inconvenient if you ended up with a lot of files, but it's all we have to work with.

    Why don't you give it a shot and see if it works? Most of the people I've encountered have had good luck once they go through the full export process.

  20. @jackiedana - Any news on the latest for replacing the source URL from Xanga's to point to the corresponding image URL's within WordPress' Media Library? I'm still eager to hear about this.....Thanks.

  21. Since Xanga does not include the image files in the export, there is no way to do this automatically. We are continuing to work on ways to improve the import process but at this time still have no way to bring over the images.

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