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XML code posting is broken

  1. When using [sourcecode language="xml"] tag to display XML, WordPress strips all XML tags in between the {sourcecode] [/sourcecode] tags.
    Blog url:

  2. Actually, it strips the xml tags no matter what code type is used in displaying code.

  3. I'd like to confirm exactly which blog you are referring to. Will you please provide the URL? Also, is this the guide you are using?

  4. I am using, so yes, that matches the URL you have posted.

    The error isn't visible on the blog, the error occurs when switching in between text mode and visual mode in the editor. The visual mode strips all of the XML. I will try the work around of never using the visual editor, but that seems really silly.

  5. Hi websocketdev,

    Can you let me know if the suggestions in this forum thread helps?

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