XML-data-export doesn't work since a couple of days

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    Good morning,

    since a couple of days the export function to get an xml-file with complete content of my blog doensn’t work. When Download starts I get the following message with firefox:

    Fehler: Datei nicht gefunden
    Die Dateien unter http://monstropolis.wordpress.com/wp-admin/export.php?download=true&content=all&cat=0&post_author=0&post_start_date=0&post_end_date=0&post_status=0&page_author=0&page_start_date=0&page_end_date=0&page_status=0&submit=Export-Datei+herunterladen konnten nicht gefunden werden. Bitte überprüfen Sie die Adresse auf Rechtschreib-, Groß-/Kleinschreibungs- oder andere Fehler. Bitte überprüfen Sie, ob die Adresse umbenannt, gelöscht oder verschoben wurde.

    Doing same action with Safari I get a 0 Byte File from the server.

    Any idea?



    Blog url: http://monstropolis.wordpress.com/


    Your site is quite large so have you tried using the date filters to restrict the export to a specific time range?

    If you need an export of your site can you let me know what it’s for? If you are moving to a new WordPress installation knowing how that will be set up will help me make sure the export file is of a size you can import easily there.



    So thanx for quick answer ;-)

    I export the database to have a backup from all the work over 2 years – no new blog or something else – so I had to make up my thoughts how to do a backup now.



    In that case your best bet would be to use the date filters to create several export files, as Andrew suggests.

    Keep in mind that there’s really no need to manually export your WordPress.com blog to make backups. Here at WordPress.com, we maintain many backups for each blog. :-)



    Okay than – I believe in backups Scully ;-)



    Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of any further assistance. :-)

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