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    After rethinking our blog/brand strategy, we have decided to change our blog name over to something different. It was our understanding that we could simply do so with an XML export, and an XML import with a newly created username. Although the export/import could easily be done by using the Tools tab, our particular blog account does not allow for the import and export of our blog data. We have a wordpress.com account. There are no current forums or discussions that we have found that cover this matter. Sure, there are simple tutorials on how to do it, but not what to do if the import/export tools are not available on a wordpress.com account. Any input or insight would be greatly appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is blkjadecreative.wordpress.com.



    May we please have the URL’s of the from and to sites beginning with http? This will help you receive accurate advice.



    The only way that you would not have import and export under the tools tab is if you are not signed in under the blog owner username. I believe only the blog owner (the username that originally set up the blog) can import or export.



    There is no blog at blackjadecreative.wordpress.com/ – that might also have something to do with the problem.



    @auxclass, apologies. http://www.blkjadecreative.com/
    @thesacredpath, we do own the blog and are signing in as the sole administrator



    My suggestion then would be to log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. If you are signing in with the original username, the import and export functions should be there.

    –Delete Site



    Clearing the cache worked. Thank you for your help!


    You’re welcome.

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