XML RPC and delicious

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    I’m trying to get my daily links posting to my new wordpress blog.

    delicious is throwing this:

    results:Running at Wed Jan 24 11:20:08 2007 GMT<br>Fetched 1 items.<br>metaWeblog.newPost fault was: Bad login/pass combination.

    I’m using the right user/pass combo, and I’m pointing it to http://bofe.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php with out_blog_id set to 1 and out_category_id set to my delicious category.

    Any ideas? I’ve gotten this working with my old site that used WordPress.org, but not yet on WP.com.



    I think the blog_id is incorrect. The only way I’ve figured out how to pull up an id out of a WPMu system is install blogdesk and have it do it. Either that or send in a feedback and get a staff member to look it up.

    Hope this helps,



    Got this one fixed on my own.

    I created another blog, then went to Users > Your Profile and did a view source.

    Go to the html where it says:

    <p><select name="primary_blog"><option value='########' selected>http://bofe.wordpress.com/</option><option value='#######'>http://stupidxmlrpc.wordpress.com/</option></select></p>

    You’ll see your blog IDs there.

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