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xml-rpc api does not work with multiple blogs

  1. Hi, supports multiple blogs per account. However this is not fully implemented in the xml-rpc end. For example, if you have two blogs, and, then

    1) The xml-rpc call to list blogs (eg: blogger.getUsersBlogs) correctly returns the two blogs (along with the blog ids).

    2) List of posts and blog categories (either blogger, metaweblog or mt api) does not work for multiple blogs - it always returns the data for the first blog, even if you provide the id of the second (or Nth) blog when making the API call.

    For example:
    metaWeblog.getCategories(blogId_A, username, password)
    metaWeblog.getCategories(blogId_B, username, password)

    returns the same data i.e. categories for blogId_A. The same applies to getRecentPosts.

  2. @sandun
    This sounds to me like a question you might choose to send to staff for an answer by using a feedback.

  3. Works for me and those using BlogDesk which posts using the xmlrpc. IIRC, that uses the meta API. I have no issue with pulling individual blog's listings of categories and whatnot.

    What program are you using?

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