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XML -RPC check up

  1. Please I am finding it difficult to logg on to my self hosted site with my wordpress app. It keeps on telling me that the URL I entered was not found.
    I contacted the SUPPORT CHAT enlier but they told me it's XML- RPC problem and they asked me to forward it here.
    My self hosted site is please I am glad if this issue is being resolved thanks.
    I hope this is the right forum?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi maccabeesmuzik,

    It's unclear which Support/Chat that you were speaking with.

    Unfortunately, this is not the right place for your self hosted site. This forum is for those hosted by

    Please seek support for your question at - this is for self hosted WordPress users.

    To read about the difference between and, you can visit this page


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