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xml-rpc disabled?

  1. In trying to post to my blog tonight my Scribefire editor received an error that says's xml-rpc is disabled. Anyone else having this issue and/or know what's up?

  2. Yes, my husband and I are having the exact same issues, with our Windows LiveWriter client. We can't figure out what's up either, but it's good to know it's not just us. Something's wrong with WP apparently. I hope they get it fixed soon.

  3. Can you post directly from your dashboard, or is it only when you use the offline editor?

  4. It's when you try and post from an offline editor or with say, Windows Live Writer.

    I thought it was a Windows Live Writer issue...

    Someone needs to call somebody to fix this pronto!

  5. Yes, same here - Windows Live Writer fails - Dashboard works fine.

  6. Hi, I'm one of the developers of Windows Live Writer. The reply coming back from the server is "XML-RPC is currently disabled", so apparently it's been disabled on purpose... hopefully temporarily! :)

  7. is notorious for tinkering on weekends. Hopefully this is temporary; we've already seen some changes in the forums today.

  8. I'm getting this with my blogging software as well.. oh well.. *sigh*

    MacOSX, Ecto 2 and 3.

  9. I hope they hurry up and fix it. I've been promoting WordPress to a ton of people as easy to use, especially when you write your post in Windows Live Writer and then publish it. It was easy as pie. Glad to know this isn't something I was doing wrong when I started getting this error this evening.

  10. You should be able to copy/paste from your WLW at the very least.

  11. You know, I'm not sure what they are doing here, but there was a security vulnerability found in xmlrpc.php in the wordpress 2.3.2 self-hosted version and I'm wondering if they put in a patch that is conflicting with Live Writer? I had to "hack" my file on my self-hosted blog to fix the vulnerability.

  12. It's on's end - not Windows or anything else. I'm getting the same message from MarsEdit on OS X. Just be patient - they'll be done fiddling soon I should think.


  13. To raincoaster: Ya, I can copy paste. I'm just spoiled. Sometimes impatient. ;)

  14. same problem here: not being able to post from good reply whe WLW tries to update blog info/settings either (I thought that will solve the problem)

  15. Same problem here too, just in the past few hours. Worked fine about five hours ago.

  16. xml-rpc is indeed disabled. It will be back as soon as we can.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. i spent all nite tinkering thinking the problem was with my computer
    glad to hear it will be fixed soon! :)

  18. Thank you, Mark. Is there somewhere that we're supposed to be looking for notifications when features like this are intentionally disabled? I couldn't find anywhere that such announcements are made.

    Also, any idea when it will come back up?

  19. about seven hours haму passed and WLW still cannot post to WP....I guess I will have to use dashboard writer to post and then backup to WLW when WP is back to normal
    hoodathunk is right in wanting to more or less know beforehand about when shit falls and when shit is taken away (if this is the kind of shit that falls intentionally)

  20. I expect it to be back at some point today - 3rd Feb.

    I apologise for there being no notice. It was one of those things that had to be acted upon without delay.

  21. ...also posting from flickr to is broken.

  22. Anything posting from outside uses xmlrpc - so it will fail.

  23. Thanks to all for this thread. Had to change themes today because mine suddenly looked distorted in every browser; I thought that I had been locked out because of the flurry of false starts. Relieved to learn that it's on the WP side. Anyone else having issues with well behaved themes suddenly acting up today?

  24. Just a note - the "Post to WordPress" (from vodpod) button for adding videos relies on the xml-rpc api, so it is also disabled until xml-rpc is renabled.


  25. My apologies for the delay, XML-RPC has been turned back on now.

  26. yay! :D

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