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xml-rpc disabled again?

  1. Hello, there. When I use my windows live writer to open an online post, it displays a xmlrpc error. Is the xml-rpc disabled again?

    Thank you for your concern.

  2. No - it should be fine.
    What is the exact error?

  3. Hope you can read big5 and chinese.

    The error message is
    "收到部落格伺服器對於 metaWeblog.getRecentPosts 方法的無效回應:

    Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server"

    My WLW version is 12.0.1370.325

    Thank you very much.

  4. Here is the English Version of my error message:

    The response to the metaWeblog.getRecentPosts method received from the weblog server was invalid:

    Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server

    Also, I found something related in web.

    Thx a lot.

  5. I'm looking into this to see what's going on.

  6. There appears to be an embedded backspace character in this post:

    In this line, just before the video:


    Between the end of the line and the open parenthesis. Re-type that section without the backspace character and it should work as expected.

    A big thank to Joe Cheng on the WLW team for figuring this one out.

  7. That's great, it works.

    Thank you very much, Joseph and Joe, also the WLW team.

    Best Wishes.

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