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    Hello, I want to know something, I have created an XML Sitemap when I made my blog about 7 days ago, the sitemap which I have created on Google, Bing and Yahoo is ‘sitemap.xml’. I want to know if it is necessary to create one or WordPress automatically added it on the webmaster tool of these search engines websites? Because I have noticed another sitemap has been added not by me when I click on ‘All’ on Google webmaster tool’s sitemap table and it has 0 URLs indexed on web whereas mine has 19 indexed. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is mysteryworlds.wordpress.com.




    Your blog is enabled with just about everything you need to be super-searchable. This includes an XML sitemap, which you can access at yourblogname.wordpress.com/sitemap.xml.



    Thank you for replying. so what you advise me? Delete the one I submitted and leave the other one which has been added by its own or leave the two?

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